My Story


Johnny  has been involved in music and making music since 1977 when he became a member of the punk band EXTAZ, as a bassist and singer. After moving to another Östergötland town, he changed genre and started singing in the hard rock band NYANZ. Unfortunately, there are no recordings available from these first years. He made the very first recordings with the Christian hard rock band ELIA. Five songs were recorded then and the influences were Swedish 80 ties.

After many tours in different bands, Johnny did not want to compromise with other band members anymore so he started his own band JAB which stands for Johnny Arwidzon Band. That band existed between 1983 and 1987. Two single records were released on the company PLATINA. One of the songs on one of the singles is called "Welcome to the city" and was 2nd on Östgötatoppen for a full seven weeks.

After a long break in the music industry and after 12 years as a single troubadour, it was decided to release all recordings from NO LIMIT STUDIO * S time. Recordings that can now be enjoyed on all major streaming sites in the world. There are now 3 albums available from that time.

CURRENT: Johnny will release a full-length album with his favorites in music in the beginning of 2021. It will be an album with 10 cover songs and two completely newly recorded own works.